Blockchain and Emergency Management

Links on the topic - Republished from Cuprite


"Blockchain: A potential technology to improve the performance of collaborative emergency management with multi-agent participation":

Joseph: Improving Disaster Relief Efforts with Blockchain Technology – Hyperledger Foundation,

‌Applications of the Blockchain Technology in Emergency Crisis Management and Rescue Processes. Journal of Rescue and Relief. 223–227 (2021).

‌Delaney, C.: Bonds of Trust: Blockchain and disaster relief IBM Supply Chain and Blockchain Blog,

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‌Borremans, P.: IPRA | ITL #417 The transformative power of blockchain: opportunities for Communicators,

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Blockchain and emerging approaches supporting food safety management systems - a white paper from Campden BRI,


The first decentralised social media mobile app ever, powered by the DeSo blockchain:

Decentralised and open-source Web 3.0 writing platform:

Writing platform on the DESO blockchain:

The web3 professional network:

Blockchain based decentralised social media platform: 


*by default, use blockchain based date collection tools like

*quickly create a blockchain based DESO node for secure and transparent RCCE team communication with

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